First impressions are everything. The following list of tips will help you prepare for the before, during & after of your innovation initiative—ensuring you get the best ROI on your work, both monetarily & culturally.

Any project you’re kicking off needs a strong foundation. You need to decide whether design thinking is the right tool for the job, define the scope, create a brief and engage the right people to make your project a success.We frequently get asked, "Exactly who

The 99U conference is an event aimed at empowering the creative community. It’s not designed to teach you to “think” big; but rather to show you how to “do” big. And as with many conferences we attend, we found it to be a tremendous source

Our client work doesn’t come up all that often in our communications. Sure, from time to time, we’ll talk about it on the blog, write about it in the newsletter, or casually mention it in a Bootcamp or workshop. But frequently, we hear from community

Maybe you read a really inspiring design thinking article that got you jonesing for more. Or maybe you had never heard of the concept before your boss approached you about managing its rollout and adoption among your team. However that exposure happened, you were excited

Meet The Design Gym’s Lead Trainer Community The times, they are a changin'. For over three years now we’ve operated under the premise that we can create great content and deliver it in a way that feels authentic to The Design Gym and our brand principles.

Let’s state the obvious: driving social impact is hard. When you set out to change the world, you’re tackling BIG problems. You’re driven by ambitious goals and it can often feel impossible to achieve them. So, how do you create meaningful, sustainable solutions to the

Some people don’t think of the public school system as a hotbed for innovation, but there are many creative and groundbreaking initiatives behind the scenes all over the country.In New York City, it’s the iZone, a program started by the NYC Department of Education (DOE). The

Tackling tough problems at work is something everyone can relate to. They can be as simple as having friction with a coworker, or as complex as trying to come up with the Big Idea that’s going to take your company to the next level. No

 As joyous as year end can be, I'm sure we're all feeling the strain of finishing up projects, closing out budgets, and trying to build a strong foundation to kick-off 2016 with.But in the midst of 'wrapping' everything up (pun 100% intended) and transitioning into

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