The Prototyping Studio

Busting Assumptions

The studio session gets your team thinking critically about the biggest risks your solutions have and into creating prototypes so you can gather feedback to move forward confidently.

This Digital Studio session is for you if…

  • Your team needs quick feedback on a few ideas but doesn’t know who to ask or how to get it
  • Your needs to de-risk an idea in order to confidently move it forward
  • Your team needs to prove a concept’s viability, feasibility, and/or desirability to your leadership and internal stakeholders
  • Your team has a hunch about an innovative idea but aren’t sure what to do with it
  • Your team needs to build a cultural habit of prototype ideas with little budget and little time (trust us, you can prototype anything)

Your teams will work on and leave with the following deliverables:

  • At least 1 lo-fi prototype focused on customer desirability, such as lo-fi mockups, storyboards, etc.
  • At least 1 lo-fi prototype focused on concept feasibility, such as process maps, blueprints, etc.
  • At least 1 lo-fi prototype focused on business viability, such as business model canvas, financial projections, etc.
  • Assumptions Mapping template to dictate who you need to conduct future feedback testing with, how you will do it, and what you need to learn
  • Raw feedback notes from each of the feedback sessions completed in the session
  • An iteration plan for your next prototyping round
  • Several prototyping templates and methods to test ideas quickly (and remotely) moving forward
  • A further validated and de-risked concept

Facilitated activities include:

  • Assumption Mapping: Identify the business, operational, and customer assumptions that are baked into your concept
  • Experiment Planning: Determine what feedback is needed to bust the assumptions and which kinds of prototypes will be best to gather data
  • Build and Make Prototypes: Bring concepts to life with a variety of digital – and non-digital – prototyping techniques.
  • Feedback Testing: Get input on your ideas from customers, stakeholders, or peers
  • Iteration Planning: Determine what to test next, who to test with, and what else you need to learn about your concepts as they increase in fidelity

Optional pre-work to super charge your Studio Session:

  • The TDG Concept Board template to clearly articulate your idea
  • The TDG User Persona template to clearly articulate who you are targeting
  • Identify the people you need feedback from and invite them to join the studio session during the Feedback Testing module (we’ll tell you exactly what time they’ll be needed)

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Nitty Gritty

  • 8 hours over 1 day. You pick the date. 8 hours over 1 day. You pick the date.
  • Up to 20 people across 2-4 groups Up to 20 people across 2-4 groups


depending on the number of participants/teams

  • 45-minute pre-session briefing and post-session debrief calls 45-minute pre-session briefing and post-session debrief calls
  • Digital copies of all studio material and outputs Digital copies of all studio material and outputs
  • Happy hour to close out the day Happy hour to close out the day

About the Digital Studio

The Design Gym’s Digital Studio is a virtual workshop (as in space to make things). It’s a place to bring your team(s) and get your digital hands dirty tackling priority business challenges with the guidance of our strategy facilitators.

What happens in the Digital Studio?

Your team (or a group of teams) comes together for a guided day of collaborative, accelerated work. We’ll align in advance on the brief and desired outcomes so that your team can focus during your time in the Studio.

How do the Classic Studio Sessions work?

  • Studio Selection: Choose your studio session topic – or multiples! Problem Framing, Problem Solving, and Prototyping can be strung together as a 3-day experience or 3 x 1-day sessions.
  • Scheduling: Select a date(s) that work for your team and ours – we can generally deliver classic studio sessions within two weeks of project sign-off.
  • Onboarding: Meet your TDG facilitators and collaboratively review existing materials, discuss pre-work, and get briefed on what to expect and how to plan for it.
  • Studio Session: On the day of your studio session, the day will largely be spent in focused, facilitated working blocks with plenty of breaks to maintain energy throughout the day. We’ll close the day with a collective debrief and celebratory beer cheers!
  • Debrief: Within 5 days following the session, you’ll get all of the completed deliverables, raw documentation, tools/templates, and shared inspiration from your team’s studio time, so that you can keep momentum going immediately. We’ll set-up time for a debrief discussion and coaching on next steps.

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Learn more and sign up:

If you’re interested in bringing your team to this Digital Studio session, or customizing a studio session to fit your needs, drop us a note below!


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