The Future Planning Studio

Creating Vision Out of Chaos

This studio session will push your team to consider disruptive factors that are not likely ‘ifs’, but ‘whens’, in order to prototype several Future States that allow your team to consider alternative revenue models, customer segments, and operating principles.

This Digital Studio session is for you if…

  • You need to reinvent your business model in order to survive and thrive in a new economic reality.
  • You have spent the past 8+ weeks with your head down focused on reacting to external factors and know you need to also be thinking about what’s next and how to prepare for it.
  • You want to engage a small group of diverse minds for ideas and considerations for future team, department, or business-wide changes.
  • You love dreaming big and responding to various “what if” types of questions. Business existentialism doesn’t scare you!

Your team will work on and leave with the following deliverables:

  • A Disruptive Scenarios Model that clearly articulates 4x extreme worlds that your business should be equipped to navigate
  • 4 Future State Prototypes that responds to each of the Disruptive Scenarios
  • TDG’s Reinvention Inspiration Deck with curated prompts and ‘what if’ scenarios to spark future-state thinking with your team on a regular basis
  • A Current State Action Plan that translates the extreme scenarios into a prioritized set of products, services, and marketing tactics you should start exploring now to de-risk your business
  • 50+ Low-fidelity Raw Ideas for new offerings, business models, marketing tactics in response to each of the disrupting scenarios

Facilitated activities include:

  • Disruptive Scenarios: Identify extreme scenarios and factors that could unfold for your organization and assess the implications of each
  • Business Model Ideation: Explore options to diversify your revenue streams in each of these extreme scenarios you identified
  • Customer of the Future: Anticipate the rapidly changing needs of your customers and consider new customer groups based on the disruptive scenarios
  • Taking Action on Trends: Leverage near, medium, and long term trend projections to inform ideas and scenario responses
  • Future State Prototyping: Map out possible future states in order to identify assumptions, opportunity indicators, and impact on the organization

Optional pre-work to super charge your studio session:

  • Current State Assessment: What are your current knowns and unknowns a team or business (we’ll give you a template and reflection prompts)
  • Industry and company specific trends to inform your scenario planning
  • Immerse your team in some TDG curated inspiration wildly outside of your day to day work (ex. science fiction that paints new scenarios of relationships, communications, etc.)

Interested in making it a team ritual?
Purchase a 3-session bundle and we’ll throw you a 4th session for free!

Interested in using this structure for an upcoming internal event for your employees, customers, or partners?
Drop us a note to discuss options for customizing a private studio session to your needs.

Nitty Gritty

  • 8 hours (TBD) 8 hours (TBD)
  • Your team of 3-5 participants—and 4 other teams—gets their own “table” in the Digital Studio with a dedicated TDG facilitator Your team of 3-5 participants—and 4 other teams—gets their own “table” in the Digital Studio with a dedicated TDG facilitator


per “table,” which fits a team of 3-5 people

  • A 45-minute pre-session briefing call and 30-minute post-session debrief A 45-minute pre-session briefing call and 30-minute post-session debrief
  • Digital copies of all workshop material Digital copies of all workshop material
  • Happy hour to close out the day Happy hour to close out the day
Grab a (virtual) table
Thu July
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What is the Digital Studio?

The Design Gym’s Digital Studio is a workshop (as in space to make things), that lives on the internet. We provide the tools and facilitation. You bring your team and problems to solve.

What happens in the Digital Studio?

The Digital Studio accommodates up to 5 teams of 3-5 participants, each with their own virtual “table” and dedicated TDG facilitator in a breakout room. You’ll spend most of the day working at your table with just your team and facilitator, but all 5 tables will come together in the main room for briefings, inspiration, debriefs, and end-of-day beer cheers. This collective accountability, wisdom, and energy brings the Digital Studio alive.

How does it work?

  • Sign-up: Sign-up for the studio session that best aligns with your current needs, or grab a discount when you sign-up for 3 or more. Payment is easily made with a credit card.
  • Onboarding: You’ll be contacted by your dedicated TDG Facilitator to do intros, hear more about your challenge and team, and prep you for next steps.
  • Tech Prep: We’ll send out all the detailed tech requirements in advance so you’re all set-up the day of.
  • 1-day Studio Session: On the day of your studio session, the day will largely be spent in focused, facilitated breakout working blocks with just your team and dedicated TDG facilitator. To maintain energy throughout the day, we’ll integrate various cross-team full studio experiences such as inspiration briefings, activity demos, peer feedback sessions, and of course, a shared lunch and happy hour debrief to close. And don’t worry – plenty of breaks will be provided for no-screen recharges.
  • Debrief + Coaching: Within 5 days following the session, you’ll get all of the completed deliverables, raw documentation, tools/templates, and shared inspiration from your team’s studio time, so that you can keep momentum going immediately. We’ll set-up time for a debrief discussion and coaching on next steps.

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