Facilitating Design Thinking

Understanding Customer Behavior

It’s no secret; better understanding your customers—their thoughts, motivations, actions—helps you to design better products, services and experiences. Today’s most successful and innovative organizations are looking beyond what people are doing and discovering why their users are making the decisions they make. To do this, you need a set of tools and tactics to both collect data and pull out insights.

Over this two-day, immersive workshop, dive into design thinking tools for building empathy and unearthing unique customer insights. This learning experience will not only show you how to navigate the often challenging process of understanding human behaviors, but also how to lead this practice with your team back at work.


For this session of Facilitating Design Thinking, we’ll be teaming up with Shinola to help them explore a challenge we can all relate to: expanding and marketing to a new customer segment.

During the workshop, you’ll get a chance to work with the awesome folks at Shinola and immerse yourself deep into the challenge by speaking with their customers and visiting one of their NYC locations.


If you’ve ever been to a TDG workshop before, you know that it’ll be practice-based, fun and you’ll leave with tools that you can start using the next day, including:

  • A wide range of empathy-building activities that include a field visit, observational tools and creative techniques for finding meaningful stories
  • Tools and frameworks for developing insights from the data you collect, such as personas, affinity maps and point-of-view statements
  • How to tackle a real organizational challenge (provided by our partner Shinola)
  • Experience facilitating your workshop team through the activities and receiving feedback from peers in a safe practice space
  • An action plan on how you’ll use what you’ve learned in your work and how you’ll roll it out to your team
  • The Design Gym’s Facilitating Design Thinking toolkit with worksheets, sample agendas and how-to guides to help you integrate what you’ve learned into your own projects
  • One-on-one coaching with our training consultants who are helping bring this work to life in organizations like Facebook, Cisco, Kellogg’s, Acumen, Porsche and the NYC Department of Education



Interested in deeply learning how to lead your team in research and developing insights about your customers for your organization? This workshop is for you.  

You don’t have to have design, research or innovation in your title to take this workshop. Facilitating Design Thinking is the perfect workshop for creative rebels looking to change the way their team tackles projects. No matter what industry you work in or what your day-to-day tasks are, the tools, mindsets and skills you’ll learn will help you be more creative and collaborative. We do, however, recommend a basic understanding of design thinking.

Unfamiliar with design thinking? You can start out with our design thinking bootcamp. However, our workshops aren’t sequential—our design thinking bootcamp is NOT a prerequisite for this workshop.


Timothy Moore

Timothy O’Brien Moore works to uncover the hidden potential of people within organizations by designing learning experiences that bring out behaviors of fearlessness, curiosity and connectedness.

Responsible for The Design Gym’s Public Education, Timothy oversees public-facing programming, including workshops, crash courses, bootcamps, and other learning opportunities. He carries with him extensive experience teaching and facilitating team-based creative problem solving from having worked at the d.school at Stanford University, The Hive at the Claremont Colleges and JMU X-Labs at James Madison University.

Kelsye Gould

Kelsye Gould is a strategic designer working at the intersection of creativity, community and change. For the past several years, she has collaborated with diverse organizations and groups to design innovative ways of bringing people together. Drawing on her background in graphic design and marketing communications, Kelsye recently completed her master’s degree at The New School with focuses in transdisciplinary design and change management.

Nitty Gritty

  • 2 Day Workshop 2 Day Workshop
  • Taught by 2 Lead Trainers from The Design Gym Taught by 2 Lead Trainers from The Design Gym


  • Lunch, beverages and snacks included Lunch, beverages and snacks included
  • Digital copies of all workshop materials Digital copies of all workshop materials
  • Happy hour to close out the day Happy hour to close out the day

As a product designer and design thinking practitioner, I am always looking for new tools and techniques to help me develop products that resonate with the customers of the companies I work with. The Facilitating Design Thinking course gave me the opportunity to brush up on my skills, learn new frameworks and test them out with an actual client.

Tyler Maiman

Tyler Maiman

Principal Industrial Designer @ Capitol One Labs

Facilitating Design Thinking is a hands-on, real-life, workshop that taught me a new way to see, listen and approach a challenge (or question) from an entirely new perspective. As a result, new ideas, opportunities and relationships have been opened up to our organization (and our customers!). This is a “must attend” for anyone looking for a new approach that can help their business or organization design something better for their end users.

Jeremy Haldeman

Jeremy Haldeman

Director of Government Affairs and Advocacy @ American Refugee Committee

There are no upcoming Facilitating Design Thinking workshops currently scheduled.


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