WHAT MAKES A GOOD virtual experience?

Our virtual workshops don’t pretend to be a replacement for in-person collaboration, but they do maintain the same design principles that make them so successful.
Here are a few principles we emphasize:

  • Bring the energy – our facilitators are trained at injecting energy and maintaining engagement through the teaching we do, the inspiration we bring, and the tools we use. It’s all designed.
  • Lean into what works. Minimize introducing new tools that might be distracting, and allow for onboarding time when we do.
  • Keep it human. We’re all adapting, so if a dog walks in, a baby yells, or our tech fails, we stay adaptable and make people feel at ease.
  • Balance collaboration modes. People think best in different ways, so we balance solo work, breakout convos, and full group collaboration throughout.
  • Take breaks often. Video collaboration is tiring, and that can limit great ideas. We build in breaks frequently for people to recharge.
Remote Collaboration

Virtual workshops are intimate, interactive, and reflective, and balance learning with practice. And yes, it is possible.

We encourage each team to use the tools and technology that works best for them—some of our favorites include Google Suite, Zoom, Mural, Miro, Trello, and Slack.


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Looking to unlock the full productivity and creativity of your cross-functional team, no matter where they work?

Times of uncertainty and changing trends in business and work can put new demands on your team. The key to preventing disconnection and loss of momentum is adapting to new ways of collaborating that maintain the highest levels of productivity, communication and focus.

We’ve helped distributed teams across the globe achieve collaborative outcomes for years. We believe anything you can achieve as a team together can be done as a team dispersed. Drop us a line to learn more.

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