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Deliver consultative sales solutions that are good for your customers—and your business

Sales teams are increasingly facing challenges from both internal organizational factors and external macro-economic trends. Frequent re-orgs and role changes, rapidly shifting buyer and consumer expectations, and emerging channels and markets compound the complexity of sales. Today’s high performing sales teams must have a shared mindset and muscles to prioritize internal demands, deeply understand diverse client audiences, and deliver solutions that drive revenue and value.

We’ve helped sales teams across sectors, including tech, CPG, food and beverage, and financial services. Together, we define opportunities to co-create solutions with customers, identify root cause breakdowns in role and org transformation initiatives, and design experiences that deliver for the business and the people involved. Our design-driven approach enables us to solve problems at the intersection of business, customer, and employee needs, resulting in sustainable solutions that deliver.

What our Sales Team Clients (and more importantly—their customers!) say about our programs:

(You) are not only our media and services partner; (you) are our business partner. Thank you for helping us look beyond short term and build solutions for the future of our brand.

CMO at a Global Cosmetics Brand

CMO at a Global Cosmetics Brand

about their sales experience with our Fortune 50 social media client

This is the first time a media partner ever did this type of collaborative and strategic work with us. It is invaluable to now have everyone here with clarity on their responsibility, to better understand our customers and willing to do what it takes to have them keep coming back. Thanks a lot.

CMO at a Global CPG Company

CMO at a Global CPG Company

about their sales experience with our Fortune 50 social media client

I want to hug you. This is the first time we've made a request and it's actually being reflected. This is a huge step forward.

Managing Director of Technology at a Fortune 50 bank

Managing Director of Technology at a Fortune 50 bank

about their sales experience with our Fortune 100 technology client
Ready to accelerate the impact of Sales and Partnerships in your organization?


  • Navigating increasingly complex sales channels
  • Adapting to re-orgs and shifting teaming structures
  • Responding to increasing expectations of buyers
  • Prioritizing competing internal demands
  • Evolving into a more consultative sales approach
  • Increasing revenue and hitting strategic goals
  • Repairing fractured account relationships
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  • Client co-creation program that generated 20x ROI on sales pipeline in just one year after launch for a global tech org
  • Client Net Promoter Score of 83 (excellent) for sales innovation learning program experience
  • 8-week sales strategy sprint for a financial services client to develop solutions to double sales in 2 years
  • 60 front-line field sales representatives trained on customer research and insight gathering to accelerate new product design for a global beverage brand


Clarify and codify complex partner ecosystems, both internally and externally.

  • Stakeholder Interviews and Focus Groups to identify root cause breakdowns, unmet needs, and emergent business opportunities
  • Employee Engagement Surveys to gather honest data on sales systems, tools, and roles
  • Executive Insights Presentations to outline Current State vs. Future State Scenarios and prioritized opportunities

Support internal alignment and buy-in as role expectations shift and new team structures are rolled out.

  • Executive and Leadership Alignment on desired outcomes for change initiatives
  • Employee Empathy Interviews to identify enablers and blockers to changes
  • Skills Gap Analysis to determine capabilities to support new roles
  • Leadership Development Programs for employees to learn necessary new skills

Design high-value touch points that deliver for customers and position your sales team as long-term, consultative partners.

  • Customer Listening and Journey Mapping Sessions to engage buyers and end-users in identifying priority pain points and opportunities
  • Strategy and Design Projects that result in solutions that employees can test and rollout to clients and customers
  • Client Co-creation Workshops that introduce a collaborative touch point into the sales funnel and scoping process
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