Redesign your HR operating model for a new landscape

HR teams have had the most important seat at the leadership table over the past few years as we’ve experienced unprecedented levels of disruption and change in where we work, why we work, and how we work. It empowered new people-centered agendas within the worlds most powerful organizations that were long overdue, and the HR world rose to the challenge. But as economic concerns have emerged, that level of influence is being challenged. HR teams are once again falling victim to budget cuts, reduced influence, and outdated ‘fire fighting’ operating models that are inefficient, short sighted, and unsustainable. As a result, people, culture, and talent are once again at risk of being reduced to the ‘soft side’ of the business.

We believe that people-centric organizations have an unfair advantage compared to their competitors, and HR teams hold the keys to unlocking that advantage. But to achieve that advantage in today’s climate, it requires rethinking HR from the ground up. We work with HR leaders to create more durable HR organizations that are able to work with greater agility, lead with more strategic business acumen, pilot with a more experiment driven approach, and share stories proudly to shift the HR perception over time.

What our HR clients say about our programs:

Great work on all the phases: the engagement, collateral, workshop design, and stellar delivery today. It was a very important moment for the ELT, and we all agreed that the most important thing was for us to build momentum from here.

Chief People Officer

Chief People Officer

Fortune 50 Technology Client

Everyone on your team leads in such an authentic and inspiring way. The entire production was flawless, with no detail overlooked. I’m so grateful for the partnership we’ve developed.



Leading US Grocery Retail Client

You have no idea how much healthier and more energized I feel after spending two these days in the mental gym.

VP and Global Head of HR

VP and Global Head of HR

Fortune 100 Technology Client
Ready to accelerate the impact of HR in your organization?


  • Evolving HR operating and service models
  • Increasing adoption and effectiveness of hybrid work programs
  • Improving (or eliminating!) meeting culture
  • Breaking down cross-functional silos
  • Designing more effective employee experiences (onboarding, employee retention, development programs, talent rotations, etc.)
  • Addressing employee engagement at the root cause, not the symptom
  • Developing and retaining top leadership talent
  • Rolling out org wide transformation and change
  • Turning values into everyday behaviors and actions


  • 2+ year partnership with a Fortune 100 tech organization to align the culture to an ambitions 10-year transformation strategy
      • 10+ global senior leadership activation events
      • 10+ design and strategy sprints executed on key priorities
      • 350+ leaders engaged to gather insights on strategy and culture
      • 10+ HR leaders trained on master facilitation
      • +1,500 top global leaders trained on new values
      • 65,000 global employees engaged on culture principles
  • 250 managers and 400 employees engaged in a Hybrid Work Strategy, Toolkit, and Pilot Program at a national grocery chain
  • 4x operating model pilots launched to break down cross-functional silos at a global private equity firm
  • 3-year leadership rotation and retention program fully designed and piloted globally for a Fortune 50 tech client


Align cross-functional leaders on strategy, roadmaps, and ways of working.

  • Visioning and co-creation workshops to align on a shared outlook for the future, priority solutions, and implementation plans
  • Collaboration Models and Ways of Working
  • Leadership Operating Principles and Mindsets
  • Strategy Coaching Sessions to assess progress and guide pivots
  • Employee empathy and co-creation workshops

Better understand employees to design learning and engagement experiences that deliver.

  • Qualitative and Quantitative research with employees (and tapping into your existing data sources!)
  • Root Cause Analyses to define underlying beliefs, behaviors, and motivations
  • Expertly designed and facilitated workshops with employees and key stakeholders
  • Design and execution of experiments, pilots, and proof of concepts to validate the solution before scaling across the organization

Develop a human-centered change management approach for business transformation.

  • Experiential, practice-based leadership and employee development programs to learn and integrate necessary skills and mindsets
  • Hybrid work playbooks to enable productive and effective collaboration in distributed teams
  • Development and pilot experiments of new working models over 3-6 month cycles
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