Black, Yellow, Red Pen People: Which one are you? BY: GARY KOPERVAS In his book, The Back of the Napkin: How to Solve Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures, Dan Roam uses different colored pens to symbolize or represent an individual’s comfort level with sketching. “Black Pen

By: Hannah Feldberg-Dubin Being a facilitator is no easy task. You’re not only responsible for securing productive participation from all the individuals in the room, but also for guiding those individuals with different personalities and work styles to a common outcome. That’s giving me sweaty palms just

Our lead trainer community is a group of super talented individuals who not only teach cool shit, but do cool shit. Sketching trainer Gary Kopervas loves to use interesting audio sources—a podcast, song, speech—as inspiration for sketch noting practice. He wasn't able to make it to our

Meet The Design Gym’s Lead Trainer Community The times, they are a changin'. For over three years now we’ve operated under the premise that we can create great content and deliver it in a way that feels authentic to The Design Gym and our brand principles.

By: Thomas Wendt   This week we've got a guest blog post for you from one of our Lead Trainers, Thomas Wendt. Outside of helping design and run workshops for our community and clients, Thomas teaches, writes, and speaks on a variety of topics including philosophy and design. His

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