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We work with business leaders to translate ambitious org-wide goals into actionable strategies that align, inspire, and activate their teams.

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We accelerate teams to understand their stakeholders, create new solutions, and experiment to de-risk big investment decisions.

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We enable teams to co-create and adopt new mindsets, ways of working, and practical skills that transform team cultures and collaboration models.


Here’s how our projects manage it:

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A multi-faceted toolkit suited for complex challenges.

We have found that the most impactful and longest-lasting work comes at the intersection of needs of your most important stakeholders: your customers, your leaders, and your employees.

Our approach attempts to understand and design for those needs using tools and practices from a few different capabilities: business strategy, design, and change management.

Any project we work on together will integrate these lenses to inform the solutions we pilot together.

Using co-creation as a lever for change.

Every member of our team has deep expertise in group facilitation, and we leverage this superpower to design collaboration moments and workshops throughout our projects that accelerate the work and increase alignment, typically across functions.

These workshops bring a level of equity, curiosity, and collaboration to projects that most teams have never felt before, and ensures that each stakeholder can see their fingerprints on the final product. We’ve found that this approach drastically increases the velocity of our work together while measurably increasing adoption and follow-through down the road.

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Upskilling your team members and leaders as we go.

Our organization was founded over 10-years ago with a hypothesis of training people and organizations to new ways of working. Although we spend most of our time in project work these days, our commitment and ability to upskill and develop people is still core to our DNA.

For organizations who are interested, we are always excited to augment on our project plans to build in learning and development moments that introduce your team to new mindsets, toolkits, and behaviors along the way. It will demystify the practices that we’ll be using together in the project, but also empower your team to extend these tools into other aspects of their work and collaboration.


We adapt our process to support different types of situations and needs. We will prepare a formal estimate once we learn more about your challenge, but here are the typical structures that most of our projects fit into.

TDG Sprints

These are off-the-shelf, pre-designed project structures for some of the most common challenges we see across our clients. Although we limit customization on these projects, it means we can offer them in faster, more cost-efficient formats to help teams do great work within tight constraints.

  • Length 6-10 weeks
  • TDG Team Led by 2-3 strategists from The Design Gym
  • Location Virtual or In Person
  • Priorities Great for:
    • Limited budgets, bandwidth, or timeline
    • Rapidly testing assumptions and clarifying a problem
    • Creating short-term alignment amongst a cross-functional team

TDG Projects

Our benchmark strategy and innovation project format moves faster than "business-as-usual" but still holds space for rigorous work. We've found this length of time to be the optimal frame to make progress on a tough challenge without getting lost in strategy paralysis.

  • Length 12-16 weeks
  • TDG Team Led by 2-5 strategists from The Design Gym
  • Location Virtual or In Person
  • Great for:
    • Moving faster than your normal process while still doing the work justice
    • Integrating deeper research and strategy time to validate key decisions and outcomes
    • Creating visible success stories in support of enterprise goals
    • Quickly shipping new pilot programs for your customers or employees

TDG Retainers

For teams navigating a lot of complexity and a feeling of being "under water," this format structures our relationship based on hours available rather than pre-set activities and deliverables. For work that needs to get done but is bound to change and pivot, retainers offer that flexibility.

  • Length 3-month minimum
  • TDG Team Team structure that flexes to your needs as we go
  • Location Virtual or In Person
  • Great for:
    • Augmenting your team with high-quality talent
    • Ongoing coaching
    • Strategies or roadmaps that are less defined and require responsive pivots and learning as we go

Whether you’re working from the board room or the laundry room, all of our offerings can be delivered virtually.

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