Innovating for Growth Card Pack

We’re excited to make the Innovating for Growth Card Pack available for download! Over the past 10 years of designing and leading innovation programs at dozens of organizations including Marriott, Instagram, Netflix, Kellogg’s, and Cisco, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to generate innovative ideas.

Since the solutions you get are only as good as the questions you ask, good prompts are essential for unlocking creative ideas. We’ve curated our top 55 (!) sources of inspiration and idea generation prompts to unlock solutions that are innovative and help you reach business growth goals.

A sampling of the Innovating for Growth card pack
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This card set features 15 business model examples intended to open up new ways of thinking about revenue streams for your business.

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This card set features 15 business growth examples with prompts to generate ideas that expand your business

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This card set includes 25 provocations to push the boundaries of how you might currently be thinking about solving a problem.


Stack of Growth Model Cards and a notebook with notes written inside on a table

Solo Thinking Time

Scroll through these cards on your own when you’re stuck, in a rut, or need a little perspective on a problem you’re facing. Bringing a different question or starter idea to the next meeting with your boss can help you move a project forward.

Two women working on a whiteboard with the Business model cards and sticky notes stuck to the whiteboard

Higher Impact In-Person Meetings

For your next in-person workshop, print the deck, flip it over and shuffle it, draw a ‘card’ at random, stick on the wall, and generate ideas with it!

Virtual collaboration whiteboard with 4 What if...? Scenario cards and sticky notes

Leveled-Up Hybrid Brainstorms

In a virtual setting, import the PDF or drop in selected card screenshots into your virtual whiteboard tool of choice to add fuel to your next remote brainstorm.

Have an innovation growth challenge a card deck can’t solve?

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