Looking to unlock the full productivity and creativity of your cross-functional team, no matter where they work?

Times of uncertainty and changing trends in business and work can put new demands on your team. The key to preventing disconnection and loss of momentum is adapting to new ways of collaborating that maintain the highest levels of productivity, communication and focus.

We’ve helped distributed teams across the globe achieve collaborative outcomes for years. We believe anything you can achieve as a team together can be done as a team dispersed. Drop us a line to learn more, and check out our open enrollment virtual workshops.

Remote Collaboration



Strategically designed team cultures can thrive in any environment. Whether you’re laying the foundation or scaling, we’ll guide you in designing a set of cultural norms and team practices that allow your team to be most effective under any circumstances.

Remote Work Culture Diagnostic

Is your culture remote-ready? We’ll uncover your culture blind spots, blockers, and amplifiers as you transition to remote working.

Designing Remote Work Rituals

We’ll help you implement a series of rituals, tools and practices to allow your team to connect and collaborate in a remote setting.

Remote Capacity Building

Level-up your team’s remote collaboration skills to enable customer centric, creative problem solving from wherever your team is located.

Remote Facilitation Training

Learn expert-tested meeting structures and activities to guide remote meetings that are productive and engaging.

Remote Innovation Training

Learn how to conduct customer research, facilitate brainstorms, and test prototypes remotely.

  • Remote Research
  • Remote Brainstorms
  • Remote Prototyping/testing


Put a team of trusted advisors in your corner to develop leaders, guide problem framing, and facilitate priority projects to strong outcomes.

Remote Project Facilitation

Our expert facilitators will guide your remote project, design sprint, or strategy planning meeting to get maximum results from distributed participants.

Remote Meeting Facilitation

Tap our facilitators to help design and lead your meetings with a lens on energy, engagement, and creativity while getting to concrete decisions.

1:1 Leader or Team Coaching

We’ll partner with project leaders and teams who are working on key initiatives to implement remote working norms, structures, and technology to ensure sustained momentum.



Virtual workshops are intimate, interactive, and reflective, and balance learning with practice. And yes, it is possible.

We encourage each team to use the tools and technology that works best for them—some of our favorites include Google Suite, Zoom, Mural, Miro, Trello, and Slack.


Need to move fast? Our existing off-the-shelf offerings are designed to get your people moving in as little as 2-weeks.


Take these 3 virtual workshops to quickly upskill your people in remote best practices. Each course is 3 hours long and holds up to 16 people. This package includes the following virtual workshops:

  • Remote Facilitation Fundamentals
  • Facilitating Remote Brainstorms
  • Tools for Remote Decision Making


You bring the challenge and the people, and we’ll bring the expert facilitation, tools, activities, and energy. You won’t even remember it’s virtual. Each session is up to 4 hours long and best suited for teams of up to 12 people. Topics include:

  • Strategy Sessions: defining and aligning on OKR’s to align your team and work
  • Project Kick-offs: aligning on the problem, constraints, and milestones to make sure you’re solving the right thing
  • Research: empathy sessions with real customers / users
  • Brainstorming: generating and prioritizing new ideas
  • Prototyping: Turning ideas into experiments
  • Project Debriefs + Retrospectives: shared reflection


Working with your team over the course of 4 x 3-hour workshops to move fast on a real challenge, with ongoing coaching and inspiration via Slack in-between sessions. Sprints accommodate a team of up to 8 people.

  • Workshop 1: Framing the Problem
  • Workshop 2: Empathy Building
  • Workshop 3: Creative Ideation + Prototype Definition
  • Workshop 4: Action Planning + Debriefing


Take advantage of having some outside energy injected into your team. We take the best of what we have to offer and create a customizable calendar for your team to plug into.

  • 3 x Virtual Workshops (16 people, 3 hours each)
  • 3 x Facilitated Working Sessions (12 people, 4 hr each)
  • 1 Social or Inspiration Activation
  • 6 hours of Remote Coaching
  • 15% off all TDG open enrollment virtual offerings for your entire team

Let’s Chat.

Drop us a note to set up a 30-minute call to discuss which virtual options and packages
work best for your team or organization.

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