A project sprint, aka design sprint, is an accelerated format for addressing a problems that needs creative thinking and greater collaboration, but it’s not just for problems within design or product teams. In fact, you can sprint on just about anything.* Below are a few of the more common topics that we lead sprints on with teams:

Strategy Sprints

We’ve helped businesses solve some of their most critical strategy, sales, and brand challenges by gathering the right people and focusing their efforts to imagine and realize their most successful futures. 

Customer Research

Many teams talk about customer research, but few teams actually do it. We bring a sprint structure to building empathy with customers and developing insights so that teams can keep their users top of mind.

Product Design

From digital products to CPG, we’ve led classic design sprints to boost teams forward with innovative ideas for their product roadmaps. These sprints emphasize tangible prototypes for the group to test.

Team Culture

Employee on-boarding and Learning & Development (L&D) programs are just a few of the Team Culture Sprint we’ve led. The process isn’t just for external uses, it can complement culture change initiatives and team offsites.

Innovative Futures

Prioritizing time to think about the future is essential for teams in rapidly changing industries. We leverage futures, foresight, and trends to guide teams in generating ideas for their most innovative future.


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