Inspiration for Sketch Noting

Our lead trainer community is a group of super talented individuals who not only teach cool shit, but do cool shit. Sketching trainer Gary Kopervas loves to use interesting audio sources—a podcast, song, speech—as inspiration for sketch noting practice. He wasn’t able to make it to our panel, Designing Culture: Strategies For Bringing Creativity to Your Organization, but he sat down with headphones and markers and voila!



We’ve talked about it a ton. Drawing—or sketching—is a game-changer for good team collaboration. It’s the fastest and easiest way to convey your thoughts, to help shape the conversation in meetings and get everyone on the same page. Yet, you may not feel comfortable with a marker in hand at the whiteboard or even with a sharpie and a post-it. We want to change that.

Join Gary on May 20th as he leads this month’s Sketching Bootcamp—and let us help you get comfortable sketching!

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