Innovation At Risk (By Lara Lee)

In this BusinessWeek article Lara Lee, who has spent time with Harley Davidson and Jump Associates, talks about what happens at the intersection of innovation, design thinking, and a down economy. She discusses how design and business practices cannot oppose eachother within corporate environments, and how design thinking can not be used as the world saving solution. Often times the power of design thinking is overpromised and consequently under delivered, leaving many corporate structures with a bad taste in their mouth. In the article she covers examples from GE, Motorola, Harley Davidson, Whirlpool, Dell, and more.

“Giving design a seat at the leadership table can and should deliver real business benefits. Applying the tools and techniques of design practice to large, complex business challenges can yield interesting insights and novel solutions. But promising more than design thinking can deliver risks a real backlash that could not only discredit design, but also accelerate the rejection of innovative growth as a goal.”

Andy Hagerman
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