Gian Taralli

Director, Strategy & Culture Change

Gian Taralli is a relentless motivator and creative catalyst who works to transform challenges into opportunities for a better world.

With over 20 years of experience, Gian has been helping organizations and teams work better to achieve their future goals. As a creativity and innovation consultant, Gian leads projects to develop new products, services and businesses; facilitates team building experiences; and teaches leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities. He has worked with governments, startups and multinationals across a range of sectors like consumer goods, pharmaceutical, entertainment, retail, industrial and financial services. Gian is a Professor of Creativity at Fundação Dom Cabral, FIA and FGV, executive business schools in Brazil.

Aside from being passionate about pizzas, and burning the calories running, Gian invests part of his time teaching entrepreneurship to teenagers. He also published the young-adult thriller book “A Menina em Pedaços,” used in workshops to help strengthen youth abilities to see things in creative and unusual ways.

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