Design Taco

Design Taco was a pop-up collaborative working and learning space disguised as a taco shop that ran for one week in the spring of 2014. We brought together unexpected and delicious components. Every element of the space was designed to help people hatch new ideas, develop powerful relationships, and enjoy delicious food!

The programming was designed to feature radical mash-ups of companies and people from across roles and industries. These are people you wouldn’t normally find on stage together, but who offer immense perspective on a topic from very different contexts

The pop-up ended, but the dream lives on: bringing the unexpected together to create inspiration!

What is Design Taco? from The Design Gym on Vimeo.

Watch all the videos here



This event wouldn’t have been possible without our very talented group of professionals and community members who have put a lot of time and sweat into bringing it to life. They mapped customer experience journeys, moderated panels, mastered PR campaigns, and helped craft the vision.

Kenny Arnold, Founder, Happy Dinosaur

Christina Bullard, Design Thinking Workshop Facilitator

Nidhi Chaudhary, Social Enterprise Strategy & Communications Consultant

Morgan Evans, Software Engineering, NBC Universal

Alex Fiorillo, Principal, Grid Impact

Justine Lai, Project Manager at ICL / Wharton MBA Candidate

Erin Lamberty, Product Manager, General Assembly

Megan Nesbeth, Associate Admissions Producter, General Assembly

Cemi Ozel, Account Executive, SelectNY

Melissa Walden, Packaging Engineer, The Dannon Company

Robert Yu, Asst. Product Manager, DydaComp


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