Facilitation is the art and science of guiding people in conversations, complex problem solving, and diverse collaboration to align on and deliver impactful outcomes. The skills of a great facilitator are no longer soft or nice-to-have — they’re business critical. The teams that are able to move quickly and in alignment together will be the ones to succeed in achieving their most ambitious goals.

Who It’s For

Our Group Facilitation training is for teams and organizations who want to reduce collaborative friction, move projects along faster, and lead meetings and workshops—whether remote or in person—that actually have value. We’ve trained teams of design researchers looking to refine their approach and gain confidence talking to customers; managers and leadership teams seeking to invite more voices and perspectives into how they work; and even entire organizations on how to design and lead engaging and productive meetings. Trust us on this one: everyone can benefit from learning to become a better facilitator.

Group Facilitation pairs well with our Design Thinking Foundations course. In fact, the reason we originally developed a facilitation course was to meet the needs of people who were attending our design thinking courses, but didn’t yet feel confident enough to lead their own workshops. This training is great on its own, but for teams looking to empower their employees to lead their own design thinking projects or workshops, pair this experience with our design thinking training for a three-day deep dive experience.

What You’ll Learn

  • A toolkit of tactics, best practices and strategies for both general facilitated sessions and very specific situations (ie: 1:1s or remote brainstorms)
  • An experiential understanding of what good facilitation looks like, feels like, and how it’s architected from behind the scenes planning
  • Tips and tricks to navigate common difficult behaviors that show up in meetings (you know what we’re talking about – chances are you’ve even been that person!)
  • Practice! The best way to get better as a facilitator is to facilitate and receive feedback from peers and TDG trainers.

How You’ll Learn It

This facilitation training isn’t about leading a single meeting type or delivering prescribed content. Rather, this course helps individuals assess situations that they commonly encounter and use simple tools that will help them gain control of the meeting and effectively lead it in a productive direction. Your employees will leave armed with a set of tools relevant for the majority of their use cases (including virtual facilitation) and a few rounds of practice to boost their confidence immediately.

Group Facilitation is currently offered virtually (more on the virtual training experience here) and covers the following:

  • Facilitation Fundamentals: The ‘science’ basics and checklists to plan and prepare for an awesome session.
  • Facilitator Style: The ‘art’ of facilitation comes from understanding your style, super powers, skills to build, and stress situation tendencies.
  • Facilitating Challenging Behaviors: Managing a shared space and making sure all are heard.
  • Remote Facilitation: Tips and tricks for when you can’t meet face-to-face
  • Energizers + Icebreakers: Keep your group awake, alert, and in action mode through warm-up activities and applied games.
  • Practice!: Lead a real mini-session for your peers and receive feedback and coaching.

Nitty Gritty

  • Format 1 day workshop
  • Participants Up to 30 people
  • Instructors Taught by 2 lead trainers from The Design Gym
  • Location Virtual, wherever you are
  • Materials Materials and supplies included
  • PDFs Digital copies of all workshop materials included
  • Happy Hour Happy hour to close out the day (optional, but recommended!)
Learn more + get started

Next Steps

If you’re interested in learning more or ready to bring us to your team, drop us a note below.

    The process that follows will look something like this:

    1. Sign off on the the training scope
    2. Onboarding call to align on the training modules (If it’s a custom training, this is also when we would design the training to best meet the participants’ needs.)
    3. Finalize logistics (participants, venue/tech platforms, supplies, etc.)
    4. Deliver the training and celebrate with high-fives!

    The Design Gym team is excellent at what they do. The facilitators were not only expert and organized with the learning material, they paid attention to details that made the class way more engaging and memorable than many other classes I’ve attended.… Andy and Erin’s friendly/casual facilitation style connects easily across our demographics (boomers, millennials, gen z) and has a nice mix of soft/cool edginess along with empathy and expert understanding of the concepts/learning objectives.

    Global Learning + Development Manager

    Global Learning + Development Manager


    Thank you for organizing and delivering another great Boot Camp! Being involved with my facilitator hat on challenged me to look at the content and deliverables much differently and I had a lot of fun with it.

    Global Operations Leader

    Global Operations Leader

    Marriott International

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