Strategy and innovation projects shouldn’t happen in a silo. On the contrary, the most successful ones are cross-functional in nature and require stakeholders’ buy-in, support, and excitement throughout to deliver results.

At The Design Gym, we see Change Management as an integral part to enacting any business strategy, product innovation, or experience design. It’s not something the People Team owns or an afterthought to a big initiative; rather, Change Management is a mindset that we infuse throughout every project.

We don’t wait until the end of a project to think about managing change or adoption. Instead, we incorporate various stakeholders’ involvement in every project we do–from establishing initial stakeholder alignment, to generating buy-in through co-creation and developing the skills and competencies within your people to bring the change to life.

Reach out to chat with one of our team leads on how we might help your organization navigate and build the muscles to adapt to change.

The Design Gym’s Change Management services include:

  • Cross-Functional Alignment and Engagement
  • Change Impact and Readiness Assessments
  • Training and Capacity Building Programs
  • Role, Team, and Workflow Design
  • Current State vs. Future State Assessments
  • Transformation Roadmapping
Change Management Consulting services

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