In today’s ever-changing world, the old ways of “setting and forgetting” a business strategy is no longer an approach you can afford to take.

We believe that a successful business strategy is customer-centric, responsive, and flexible. In fact, ensuring your cross-functional leadership and executive teams are aligned on where the organization is going and how they want to get there is critical for creating a strategy plan that will deliver. The first step we take with teams is to ensure leadership is in lock-step on the desired business outcomes, ranked priorities, and the role each leader is expected to play before we engage their teams to co-create initiatives and plans.

We guide your teams in developing strategic scenario plans that are rooted in customer needs, market trends, and desired growth goals. We won’t just hand over a deck of slides to gather digital dust. Rather, we facilitate your team through a dynamic process that unlocks their best thinking to internalize and activate the strategic direction. Then, we implement pilot experiments to test and validate the plan before scaling major initiatives. And if the data determines we need to pivot, the flexible strategic blueprint is already built for that!

Reach out to chat with one of our team leads on how we might help clarify and bring your business strategy to life.

The Design Gym’s Business Strategy services include:

  • Leadership Visioning and Planning
  • Process and Systems Mapping
  • Project/Program Planning and Measurement
  • Market Sizing and Opportunity Evaluation
  • Product Strategy and Service strategy
  • Innovation Strategy
Business Strategy Consulting services

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