I look around the room. It’s large and airy with floor to ceiling windows plastered with post its. Alongside, small groups of students are earnestly discussing the features of their big new idea. It’s the first ever ProductHack at Penn, a collaboration between Wharton and

The Studio Project is a place to practice, a safe environment, a real case study, one-on-one coaching, and accelerated insights. More about The Studio Project Research, Synthesis, Insights, Strategy and Great Ideas. It's something we're all asked to do nearly every day at our jobs. At The Design Gym, we've

Design Taco is an idea accelerator and innovation lab that’s disguised as an incredibly delicious taco shop in New York’s Lower East Side on May 12th -18th, 2014. For one week, an unassuming LES storefront will be transformed into a taco shop meets creative hotspot, hosting panels of

  DonorsChoose.org is ranked year after year as one of the most innovative organizations in the world. We think their insatiable curiosity and willingness to learn is a tremendous contributing factor. The best companies are learning constantly in an effort to push their creative capabilities and

The Studio Project is an in-depth, 3-week project that brings the challenge of an aspirational company to the brains of a diverse set of whip-smart professionals. Ranging from advertising executives to Nickelodeon Product Managers to global non-profit innovation leaders, the participants brought diverse knowledge, skillsets, and

// Share on Twitter   Share on Facebook The Design Gym is a community at the intersection of learning and creative problem solving. We bring together classes of diverse professionals to work on projects of aspirational organizations – learning by doing. This month's weekend workout focused

How do you get inside the head of your customer? What really motivates them, and how do you reach them where they are? Our current answer is a dual-learning model. We bring companies we've trained in design thinking together with people who are also training in

The Design Gym projects are often pretty diverse - in industry, in scale, in the knowledge needed to find interesting solutions.  We’ve worked on building physical pods that house materials for pop-up stores. We’ve developed strategies for creating greater responsibility around consumerism. This Weekend Workout

Twenty-one students last weekend were pushed to the max over two and a half days, all in the name of better understanding and, more importantly, executing on the design thinking process. Throw in a session with an improv teacher, real world clients, and all of

Last month, one group at our Design Gym Weekend workout came up with a system to help bicyclists and car drivers know when the other is around…so they can be extra careful and avoid accidents. The next week, a friend who had been on hand to

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