For all of our friends on the northern hemisphere, summer has arrived. The weather is great, the cities are buzzing, and the energy is in the air. But unfortunately, many work cultures don't take advantage of this opportunity to get outside and fill our heads with

Design Taco is an idea accelerator and innovation lab that’s disguised as an incredibly delicious taco shop in New York’s Lower East Side on May 12th -18th, 2014. For one week, an unassuming LES storefront will be transformed into a taco shop meets creative hotspot, hosting panels of

In this BusinessWeek article Lara Lee, who has spent time with Harley Davidson and Jump Associates, talks about what happens at the intersection of innovation, design thinking, and a down economy. She discusses how design and business practices cannot oppose eachother within corporate environments, and

As design thinking exploded in popularity and universities began quickly adopting design programs into their business schools, it was inevitable that some critics and skeptics would evolve. This article, from well-known writer Bruce Nussbaum, is a perfect example. It’s important to take these criticisms into

  This is essential reading from Helen Walters, a design researcher at Doblin and well-known writer on the topic. In it she discusses some of the misconceptions of design thinking and why some people discourage it. She explains what design thinking is, but even more importantly

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