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We talk about building user empathy, but what about building empathy with those sitting a few feet over? Here's a tool that can help you do just that.

Between our public workshops, community of creative professionals, and corporate clients, we have had a unique chance to peak inside some of the most innovative and creative organizations in the world. The tensions that show up time and time again—experimentation vs. execution, heads down vs. collaborative,

  Bureaucracy: A system of administration distinguished by its (1) clear hierarchy of authority, (2) rigid division of labor, (3) written and inflexible rules, regulations, and procedures, and (4) impersonal relationships. Once instituted, bureaucracies are difficult to dislodge or change. And most of us are pretty certain

For all of our friends on the northern hemisphere, summer has arrived. The weather is great, the cities are buzzing, and the energy is in the air. But unfortunately, many work cultures don't take advantage of this opportunity to get outside and fill our heads with

Originally written January 30, 2015, this piece was updated on February 16, 2016. The office is usually not the place for romance...it's a place of numbers, deliverables, goals and annual reviews. But we all spend so much of our time in the office, we know if we're

Design Taco is an idea accelerator and innovation lab that’s disguised as an incredibly delicious taco shop in New York’s Lower East Side on May 12th -18th, 2014. For one week, an unassuming LES storefront will be transformed into a taco shop meets creative hotspot, hosting panels of

If you've never read the Valve Employee Handbook, it's worth a read. They have an amazing attitude towards their internal organization, culture and ways of working. It is maybe the only Employee Handbook you'll ever read in one short sitting, happily. With a lighthearted tone

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