3 Week Studio Project with Applegate

The Studio Project is an in-depth, 3-week project that brings the challenge of an aspirational company to the brains of a diverse set of whip-smart professionals. Ranging from advertising executives to Nickelodeon Product Managers to global non-profit innovation leaders, the participants brought diverse knowledge, skillsets, and networks to conduct research with. You can register for the next Studio Project, April 23rd-June 4th here.

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The client for this Studio Project was Applegate, a bold company with a mission to ‘Change the Way We Eat Meat’. They are in the midst of launching some new products and businesses, and decided to open their doors to get some fresh eyes, new perspectives, and passionate hustle applied to their challenge.


The results of the project are confidential as they relate to a new product launch, but here is how the process worked:


– Kickoff Meeting – The teams were given an overview of Applegate introduced to the process we would be following. They got to meet each other, and begin working on secondary research and recruiting friends and family for primary research.

– Work Session 1 (w/ client) – Several members of the Applegate team joined to present the brief. After getting some training on research planning, research methods, and best practices, the class split into two teams and got cranking. By the end of the night they had research plans in hand.

– Working Week 1 – The teams spent the next week in the field, conducting a ton of research, ranging from long-form interviews, short interviews, shadows, focus groups, surveys, and intercepts. The research took place in NYC, PA, VA, and even NC! They interviewed both parents and children, and participants covered both current Applegate consumers and not.

– Work Session 2 – The session kicked off with a final round of research, as we were joined by a full family. The family split up and the teams were able to conduct a final interview with them. Next the teams were trained on insight development through the use of frameworks to pull out the patterns in the data they found.

– Working Week 2 – The teams continued to cluster, sort, and organize their data in different ways to extract new learnings from their research. Both teams also participated in a facilitated office hours with the Design Gym team to really learn the ins and outs of insight development.

– Worksession 3 (w/ client) – The Applegate Team joined again for the final session, which kicked off right away with insight presentations from each of the teams. They shared out new learnings, top stories from their research, and visual frameworks to support their learnings. They also were able to start teasing out prompts, phrases that help turn unique insights into stimulus for creating ideas against. The teams got client feedback, then jumped into over an hour of ideation, generating hundreds of different ideas. They narrowed them down to the top ideas, then spent some time visualizing them and creating their final pitch before presenting to the client.




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