What if I Screw Up?

If you’ve never read the Valve Employee Handbook, it’s worth a read. They have an amazing attitude towards their internal organization, culture and ways of working. It is maybe the only Employee Handbook you’ll ever read in one short sitting, happily. With a lighthearted tone and great diagrams, it’s an education.

One amazing point, on Page 20: What if I screw up?

Screwing up is a great way to find out that your assumptions are wrong or that your model of the world was a bit off.

As long as you update your model or move forward with a better picture, you’re doing it right.  Look for ways to test your beliefs. Never be afraid to run an experiment or collect more data.

This attitude of Make, Test and Reflect is amazing…you can talk about ideas forever, but until you make something and test it (or screw up) in the real world, you’ll never know.


Daniel Stillman
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