How to Keep the Momentum Going Once the Design Thinking Consultants Have Left

Over the last year, we’ve heard the term “co-create” with increased frequency and broader applications. Why? What is it? And how do you do it?

Process helps you seek out innovation, dispositions insure you don’t miss the opportunity when it comes your way.

How do you create a non-judgmental environment within the judgmental world of work?

Defining what collaboration looks like for your team is key for successful & productive collaboration. Here are three tools that’ll help you do just that.

Lead Trainer Thomas Wendt on the role of cunning intelligence & deception to make more socially, culturally & ecologically sustainable design decisions.

Building empathy & broadening perspective happens by engaging with people with different backgrounds. Melissa Wong shares how she’s been thinking about it.

We ran a Design Sprint on a meaningful problem for an organization we’re inspired by. Here are six lessons from that experience.

How should you go about customizing a Design Sprint to fit your problem? Here’s a simple framework we like to use.

Need a process for not only generating killer ideas, but also for moving them forward? Get that project mojo going with Design Sprints.

Collaboration isn’t always the best tool for every problem. So, how do you know when & how to most effectively leverage it?

We are being faced with increasingly complex, large-scale problems. In order to come up with meaningful, long-lasting solutions, something has to change.

How can we tell whether or not processes or creations are innovative?

Overcoming some of the harder parts of design thinking in the real world.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re looking to expand our team of Lead Trainers! Find out more.

How do we build thriving, innovative and strategically-minded organizations that are sustainably driven by the individuals that comprise them?

Reflecting on the past year and looking to what’s to come.

Design thinking frameworks help us make sense of information, making them perfect for many applications—including year-end reflections.

How to Best Integrate Design Thinking Into Your Organization Let’s face it, as with anything new, it’s easy to fall in love with design thinking and want to apply it to every challenge you come across. As a leader in an organization that’s adopting design…

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