The Power of Bad Ideas

If you hang around me for more than a few hours, you’ll discover that I’m into Steve Portigal. Google him, read lots of his stuff, go to his talks.

This article in Core77 is a great snippet of how ideation shouldn’t be hedged in by constraints TOO early. constraints can be a filter later on, but in a first pass at least, you should “go there” wherever “there” is – where the ideas take you. Decide later if they’re good or bad.

A teacher of mine in school liked to tell a story about Noguchi. He had a cabinet filled with tiny sketches of sculptures. When a client would come to him for a commission, he would often reach behind his desk, go into the cabinet, and show them the sketch. That is what they would get…but 20 feet tall. The ideas were there, waiting for the right time. So don’t stop the flow too early…you never know when that bad idea will find it’s right time.


Remember: I’m not bad I’m just drawn that way – Jessica Rabbit

Daniel Stillman
  • Hadar
    Posted at 19:21h, 05 December Reply

    Cool World…one of my favs of all time

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