Sketching through the Design Process

This blog post could also be titled “don’t bother taking our class on sketching”.

Some great resources on the value of doodling and sketching can be found here, in an Ignite talk given by Sunni Brown. It’s only five minutes and totally awesome.

If you want to know the basics, the DNA of drawing, take a gander at Sunni’s Visual Alphabet, here.

Another take is here, from Sunni’s collaborator Dave Gray. It’s really visual AND conceptual…and kinematic! So it’s awesome, basically. At 6:55, Dave discusses some of the finer points of perspective, including why axonometric perspective is awesome.

It’s all worth watching! if you want to put it into practice in real time, and understand how sketching evolves as your ideas evolve…well, come by and spend an evening sketching with us!

All the resources above came from our co-teacher, Ray De LaPena. For an earlier post on sketching and some other resources, go here.

Daniel Stillman

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