Open-source Design MBA

“Design is the Future of Business” says author Nathan Shedroff. He’s written a host of books, started a school, and has the guts to open his materials up for anyone and everyone to use. Take a look here for his MBA curriculum. 

His Experiences studio is right on: everything is an experience and experiences can be designed.

He outlines the Six Dimensions of experience, and they’re all right on. Finding ways to shape, control and manage these triggers help shape a design experience.

1. Significance: Function/Performance, Price/Value,
Emotion/Lifestyle, Values/Identity, Meaning. Refer to the Meaning
Template for instruction on how to assess meaning.
2. Breadth: Product, Service, Brand, Nomenclature (Naming),
Channel (Environment), Promotion, Price.
3. Intensity: Reflex, Habit, Engagement.
4. Duration (Time): Initiation (Start), Immersion, Conclusion (End),
Continuation (Repeat).
5. Triggers: Taste, Sight (Visuals), Sound (Music, Voice, Effects),
Smell, Touch/Texture, Concepts, Symbols.
6. Interaction: Passive, Static, Reactive, Interactive.


Daniel Stillman

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