Make a Dent in the Universe

Miles, one of the Design Gym founders and partners, sent this out last week…and I finally took some time to watch the whole thing.

It is worth the time. Miles noted three reasons why this is a great talk:

Wilson Miner outlines at least three of my core beliefs about design so eloquently in this talk.

  1. Successful design becomes invisible
  2. The tools we use shape us as much as we shape them
  3. (less concise, but) Basically one of the great character traits of designers (in the talk it’s artists) is that when they look at the world, they see a space that they can shape instead of one they’re subject to.



At the end of the talk (37 minutes in!) He says:


Design is the choices we make about the world we want to live in.


Design is making things that nudge the world in the right ways, and that make a dent in the universe. It is a very exciting time to be alive in this sense – it’s easier than ever before to make things and spread them – not just apps and websites, but ideas, plans, language.


Personally, that’s why I get up each day and work at the Design Gym – I try to spread the language of Design so that everyone sees a space in their own world that they can shape.


Below are my sketchnotes that I scribbled during the talk. They are for my understanding…but maybe they’ll help you pull out some interesting points from the talk when you watch it!


2013-09-12 12.14.56

Daniel Stillman
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