July 2012 Weekend Workout with miLES

July 27 – 29 | Inaugural Weekend Intensive | Brooklyn Brainery

A weekend intensive on the design process: Fri­day night with beers, net­work­ing and an intro to design think­ing. Sat­ur­day was a deep dive into the design process, meth­ods and best prac­tices, and the workshop finished off on Sun­day with a hands on appli­ca­tion of skills solv­ing a real-world prob­lem.

For Sunday’s practice day, The Design Gym was thrilled to partner with Kristina Drury, of TYTHEdesign, who helped present the miLES projectmiLES is a real life project aimed to facilitate the transformation of 212 vacant lots and stores in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Without attention, the vacant lots simply await gentrification, and with it a loss of much local history and cultural richness.

By listening, co-creating, prototyping and operating with residents of the LES, the ultimate goal is to build a movement for open and bottom-up urban planning. Representatives for the project joined us on Sunday night to hear the final presentations.

To view pictures from the weekend, check them out here.

Daniel Stillman
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