Reports Of Design Thinking’s Death Were An Exaggeration (By Sam Ford)

This FastCompany article from Sam Ford is a response to Bruce Nussbaum’s claims around the death of design thinking. This article is particularly good because it links to multiple other reference points and points of view. Ultimately what Sam is saying is that there are many, many instances of how design thinking has been used wrong and applied sloppily. He also fears that it has reached a point where people are trying to put too distinct of a definition around it, which will not allow it to grow and adapt in all the application it could be useful for. He arrives at the point, through several stories and case studies that we need design thinking more than ever right now, and it’s presence as a strategic tool has really just begun.

Andy Hagerman
  • Sam Ford
    Posted at 19:59h, 10 August Reply

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the piece.

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