David Butler – Thinking Big (TEDx Atlanta)

This is a TEDx Atlanta talk from David Butler, VP Global Design for the Coca-Cola company. Butler talks about what it’s like to innovate at one of the biggest brands on Earth with over 500 brands in existence. Beyond the company, he talks about “the wicked problems that can only be solved through design”. These include topics of sustainability, consumer and shopper changes, massive growth goals that companies are faced with in a stagnant economy, a wealth shift from west to east, and how to utilize new supply chain technology without creating massive impact. At Coke they have created their own 5 part system to address innovation and think big about design. It’s an inspiring movie in that it demonstrates the value design can have within an organization. Coke has created what they call a system to generate this value, but it will look different for every organization and application. Just as we go into the world to learn about other people, it’s important to go inside our own organizations and talk to the people that exist there to learn about their needs, and then apply how design and thinking big can shift it as a whole in more positive directions.

Andy Hagerman
  • Roopesh
    Posted at 17:50h, 05 February Reply

    I am trying to do a market research for coke brand equity as one of our project in market research. I would like to interview some one who is a knowledgeable person at coke. Can you help me to answer some of the questions I have for coke brand equity.? I have 10-12 questions which I can email it to you as I think you would be right person for this topic.

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