Weekend Workouts


October. 25th – 28th | Weekend Workout with Marley Coffee

register here: https://october-weekend-workout.eventbrite.com/

Come out for a weekend workout for your creative muscles! It kicks off on Friday night with beers and some fun warm ups and ends on Sunday with presentations of solutions tackling a real-world problem. We’ll spend Saturday diving deep into the hows and whys of Design Thinking.

For our Sunday Challenge we’re happy to welcome Marley Coffee as our client partner. Marley Coffee is an international gourmet coffee company founded by Rohan Marley, sourcing beans from around the world, including Ethiopia, Central America and Jamaica. From the Marley’s Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee farm, to partner farms in Africa, Central America and other top coffee-growing regions worldwide, Marley Coffee strives to support communities and the environment through organic, sustainable and ethical practices.

We’ll talk about how anyone can use the design process to approach their problems – any problem. We’ll talk about how understanding the context and constraints of a problem can help you discover the keys to a solution and show examples from real-world challenges. In our past weekend intensives, we’ve partnered with miLES to design the economic transformation of 212 vacant lots in New York’s Lower East Side, Holstee on a new retail strategy project around thoughtful consumption, and Acumen on their leadership training program.


September 10th | Intro to Everyday Sketching (night class)

One thing we hear over and over again is “I can’t draw” The truth is, being able to sketch your ideas so you can record and communicate them is not the same skill as being able to draw a pretty picture. Sketching is not art. Learn about the essentials of the design process and how sketching can be a part of every stage of that process. Learn some different styles of sketching and understand when they can help you the most.

register here: https://tdgsketching.eventbrite.com/


September 20th | Experience Design for Everyone (full day class)

What is Experience Design? And how does it relate to Interaction Design? If you’ve had some exposure to digital design and want to take your vocabulary and tools to the next level, we’ll spend a fast and furious day taking you through some of the core concepts of cross-channel experience design, past digital wireframing tools and into empathy with your user base. We’ll give you tools to think and draw on your feet and pitch your concepts with ease and impact.

register here: http://brooklynbrainery.com/courses/experience-design-for-everyone


September 24th | Storytelling Deep Dive (night class)

You need boil down the story of your product, project or service into a powerful narrative. We’ll show you how. The design gym teaches a powerful design thinking process that can be used to dig into your story and focus on the key parts. Using visual techniques and rapid iteration, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of what makes stories tick and how to use them to create change.

register here: https://tdgstorytelling.eventbrite.com/


October 8th | Intro to Graphic Facilitation/Visual Recording (night class)

People learn in different ways – some auditorily, some kinesthetically, and some visually. Unfortunately, very few meetings accommodate these various learning styles. Join us for an evening to sharpen your sketching skills so that your able to rapidly capture a visual documentation of your next meeting or event.

register here: https://tdggraphicfacilitation.eventbrite.com/


October 22nd | Deep Dive into Prototyping (night class)

You can have all the ideas in the world, but without bringing them to life it’s impossible to shape them, develop them, or test them in meaningful ways. What many people don’t realize however, is that there are many ways to prototype an idea beyond physically making it. In fact, you can prototype anything – a product, a service, an interaction, an experience, a location. We will tap into methods that cross the worlds of industrial design, interaction and experience design, service and business design, and more fundamental principles of building things, like how does it look and feel?

register here: https://tdgprototyping.eventbrite.com/

Office Hours (Happy Hours)

Come join us for drinks and meet a bunch of other people from The Design Gym community. Office Hours are casual and fun and almost always involves dumplings at some point in the night. Feel free to bring friends!


October 1st | 7PM – 10PM

register here: https://design-gym-fall-happy-hour.eventbrite.com/


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