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Design Thinking Bootcamp

The Design Gym is a community at the intersection of learning and creative problem solving. We bring together classes of diverse professionals to work on projects of aspirational organizations – learning by doing. We recently did one focused on airbnb, because we think it’s a pretty rad company, and our students were pumped to work on their problem for a day.

One day, a doctor, an ad executive, and a design student go out to lunch together to learn about the state of hospitality (no…seriously). This is how it goes down over the course of a full-day:



Each team refined their insights, sourced from their interviews and issues maps, pushed through prototypes, storyboards and iterative testing over the course of the afternoon. Each team presented a vision for AirBnB going forward:

– Air Home & Hood – an online service that allows home renters and buyers to test out a neighborhood or city before fully committing to making the move. It’s complete with a neighborhood guide matching system.

– AirBnB KEY – an iPhone app that unlocks the world. Just grab your keys, wallet, and phone, and go. Through a new hardware device, users can unlock their Airbnb rentals conveniently, and through partnerships are able to easily access rental services and currency exchanges.

– Airbnb +plus – An add on service that allows users to supplement their home rental with services such as cleaning, local guides, recreational equipment, and even a weekend pet.

– Airbnb Experiences – People search endlessly to get an authentic experience or have a serendipitous encounter with locals – why not make that easier? Airbnb experiences connects travelers with local communities and people to break bread, explore the town, and build empathy far beyond the normal travel book’s recommendations.