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Service Design Prototyping

For another perspective on Prototyping and where, when and how to do it, check out this summary post from Engine Service design.


Prototypes provide insight on various service aspects – from desirability and usability, to viability. They can generate deeper understanding than written descriptions or visual depictions, which don’t deal as well with the time-related and intangible aspects of services.

Service prototypes can be rudimentary, comprising of acted-out scenarios with hand-sketched screens or improvised props. Conversely, they can be detailed mock-ups of systems, props, environments, and “trained staff” – to provide more realistic and convincing experiences.


Prototypes of varying fidelity can and should be made at any and all stages of design. During the Understand and Ideate phases, simple scenarios and storyboards can help flesh out ideas and hunches as we move forward.

Sketching across the process

CartoonistSketching is a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it. And just like any skill, it’s highly personal and individual. Getting good at a few basic shapes and items can go a long way to helping you express your ideas quickly to others…and yourself! Remember, if you don’t write your ideas down, it’s like it never happened!









Take a look at this video from Luxr, about rapid sketching…and clothespin man!


Also note: Dan Roam is a great source for these skills. Buy his book! And see for yourself (here) how simple pictures can tell a great story.