A place to practice, A safe environment, A real case study, One-on-one coaching, and accelerated insights. Research, Synthesis, Insights, Strategy and Great Ideas. It's something we're all asked to do nearly every day at our jobs. At The Design Gym, we've been teaching the design thinking process to companies

Visual Thinking, as you all know, makes you an automatic Ninja. Being able to express your ideas visually makes them more impactful, and more memorable. It's worth getting better at! That's one of the reasons we have a Visual Thinking Happy Hour each month, and

The Design Gym is a community at the intersection of learning and creative problem solving. We bring together classes of diverse professionals to work on projects of aspirational organizations - learning by doing. We recently did one focused on airbnb, because we think it’s a pretty

If you've wanted to run your own design sprint, you can always hire The Design Gym

I just reread a long and fascinating article about Bill Cosby’s sweaters…and it made me realize just how many choices and constraints can go into every design decision. First, there was the personal constraints: They quickly realized that Cosby, and by extension Dr. Huxtable, couldn’t really be

Sketching is a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it. And just like any skill, it’s highly personal and individual. Getting good at a few basic shapes and items can go a long way to helping you express your ideas quickly to others…and