Miles, one of the Design Gym founders and partners, sent this out last week…and I finally took some time to watch the whole thing. It is worth the time. Miles noted three reasons why this is a great talk: Wilson Miner outlines at least three of my

If you haven't seen the RSA video series, check it out

A few weeks back we spent a full weekend with a client and their internal team, and nearly a dozen Design Gym community members, who've gone through our workshops many times. After the client had gone, we asked our community members, "What worked and what

Let it be recorded here that Cindy Chastain is awesome. Back in 2010, I saw her talk at my first UX conference in Savannah.     I had already started to dig into narrative as an essential part of selling design, in my practice as a design researcher.

People regularly ask me for better frameworks to help them organize their data, research and projects. I balk, because I want people to look at the information and try to do something that is natural, or inherent to the information. But that’s really hard…and a

This video about Inge Druckrey is touted by Fast Company as a 40-minute crash course in design thinking…For me it’s about the essence of being patient. We talk about the importance of a powerful research phase (we call it Examine) and how it’s essential to

Taxonomy is one method of abstracting content to help us organize it. I use it all the time to help me categorize and prioritize content – research findings, ideas generated from a brainstorm, anything. I came across this great article on UX Taxonomies in my reading

I just reread a long and fascinating article about Bill Cosby’s sweaters…and it made me realize just how many choices and constraints can go into every design decision. First, there was the personal constraints: They quickly realized that Cosby, and by extension Dr. Huxtable, couldn’t really be

While at SXSW this past week, I had the opportunity to get barraged with lots of ideas, new and old. One that keeps coming back to me in the days since I’ve been home is Open Source. What we do at The Design Gym is as

The Design Gym projects are often pretty diverse - in industry, in scale, in the knowledge needed to find interesting solutions.  We’ve worked on building physical pods that house materials for pop-up stores. We’ve developed strategies for creating greater responsibility around consumerism. This Weekend Workout