If you've never read the Valve Employee Handbook, it's worth a read. They have an amazing attitude towards their internal organization, culture and ways of working. It is maybe the only Employee Handbook you'll ever read in one short sitting, happily. With a lighthearted tone

If you've wanted to run your own design sprint, you can always hire The Design Gym

If you don't get Now I Know, the awesome daily email on random things that are interesting, you should! This article from a few days ago was fascinating, and about a very early hacker's network: Farmers and Ranchers in the early days of the 1900s, using

"Design is the Future of Business" says author Nathan Shedroff. He's written a host of books, started a school, and has the guts to open his materials up for anyone and everyone to use. Take a look here for his MBA curriculum.  His Experiences studio is

One of our community members sent us this: Which reminded me of this: Mapping user experiences is so essential…without a map, how will you know where to go? Also, check out Adaptive Path’s resources here and here. They are really awesome and can help you do a deep

Here at The Design Gym one of our core beliefs is that it’s always a good idea to get outside of the office and meet the people you do it all for: your customers, your users, your stakeholders. We run an intensive weekend workshop about once a

Our friend Mike Roller teaches design in Cincinnati and has put together this interesting take on trend reports. If you have to draft one or use one, take some of his thoughts and do it better   Lost and Found in Translation from Michael Roller

What is an experience? And Where does it reside? We know we can’t make someone have an experience….you can lead a horse to water…etc. But we can set the table. That’s why I start with Danny Meyer when I talk about experiences.     A-E-I-O-U Framework This is a great