The Three Thinking Modes In many tomes about creativity, you'll hear talk about divergent and convergent thinking. Divergent just means lots of ideas and convergent just means choosing one or a few of many. At The Design Gym, we call those modes open and close. You

We've posted about Service Design tools before, but it seemed worthwhile to share a few more tools from our research on the web and from our other friends in the design world, since people have been asking about it. We see Design Thinking, Service Design and Experience

We can design good things or bad things. We can design intentionally or unintentionally. We can refuse to design certain things in certain ways for certain people. What you won't do can be as important as what you hope or plan to do. So, we'd like

Innovation is something that so many companies clamor for. And why shouldn't they? In the fast-moving world of business you need an edge to help you stay ahead

Hearing Every voice in the room In our last newsletter, we talked about how solving the world's biggest problems take ensembles, not soloists. That's true because we almost always are working on a team, where no one person gets to be the final "decider." You can argue

Sometimes people say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But drawing is worth Thousands of words. Why? Because there is simply no better (or faster) way to communicate what you mean to your team. Often in meetings there's a lot of handwaving and conversation

The Studio Project is a place to practice, a safe environment, a real case study, one-on-one coaching, and accelerated insights. More about The Studio Project Research, Synthesis, Insights, Strategy and Great Ideas. It's something we're all asked to do nearly every day at our jobs. At The Design Gym, we've