When it comes to facilitation, it’s not enough to simply have a meeting agenda. Leading a successful discussion often comes down to managing different types of people—and the more difficult the personalities in the room, the harder it is. Successful facilitators adapt their style to

Thinking creatively from advertising to education design to yoga. We were thinking the other day that we do a lot of talking on this newsletter, but the thing that excites us most about The Design Gym isn't what we're teaching - it's what all you bad

Earlier this month we made the annual trek to rural Maine for one of our favorite conferences, Poptech, where we heard a bunch of great speakers talk on the topic of Hybridity. One of the talks that caught our attention was from Alexa Clay, author of The

Between our public workshops, community of creative professionals, and corporate clients, we have had a unique chance to peak inside some of the most innovative and creative organizations in the world. The tensions that show up time and time again—experimentation vs. execution, heads down vs. collaborative,

“I can’t draw.” We hear it over and over again when we discuss visual thinking. And our answer is always, “Yes you can. And you should.” When we were kids, we never said we couldn't draw. We didn’t even think about it—we simply picked up a marker or crayon

When we think of storytelling, we often think of our favorite TED talks, a riveting speech that moved culture forward, or the hilarious tale your friend told you over dinner last night. But when we start using storytelling techniques in the hundreds of interactions we

When it comes to listening to our customers, users and employees, it's easiest to focus on the people right in front of you. The ones you see the most often, the noisiest ones, or the ones you just plain like the most. The fact that

  Bureaucracy: A system of administration distinguished by its (1) clear hierarchy of authority, (2) rigid division of labor, (3) written and inflexible rules, regulations, and procedures, and (4) impersonal relationships. Once instituted, bureaucracies are difficult to dislodge or change. And most of us are pretty certain

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