A learn-by-doing community for creative professionals.


What do we do?

The Design Gym runs a wide variety of classes and workshops on creativity, collaboration, and innovation, and has grown a diverse community of people around these topics.

We connect our diverse community of learners with real companies to help them tackle their toughest challenges through the Studio Project.
The companies get diverse perspectives, and the participants get to learn by doing.

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What we believe in

Everyone should be passionate about the work they do. They should be empowered to reimagine how the world they live in could be better, for themselves and their company. Work should be both independent and collaborative, balance the quantitative and the qualitative; visual and visceral; provocative and actionable.

The foundation of organizations should be in the needs of the people it’s serving. Only once those needs are understood can strategic decisions be made.

Ideas should live and breathe. Then they should be prototyped, revised and remade so that they can really live. And anyone (yes anyone!) can come up with the next great idea.

Businesses will very soon start relying on communities to solve their biggest problems and plan their futures. Those communities will exist both within and outside the walls of the company.

Most importantly, work should be fun. Otherwise…what’s the point?

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Who are we?

We are a team of designers, strategists and thinkers of many stripes.


Andy headshot_square

Andy Hagerman

Andy is a businessman by training, but has been redefining what that means ever since he was exposed to the worlds of ethnographic research and design. Prior to The Design Gym, Andy was a Business and Innovation strategist at Jump Associates where he helped Fortune 500 companies invent new businesses, products, and services or reinvent existing ones. Prior to this, he has spent time saving trees as a sustainability guru and is a lover of all things food, craft beer, music and design. Follow him at @andrewhagerman


Daniel headshot

Daniel Stillman

Daniel started off as a Physicist, studied Industrial Design, then evolved into a User Experience Design Consultant. Prior to starting the Design Gym, he had the pleasure of working on product and service design projects, as well as mobile, web and embedded interfaces for clients from Abbot to Yamaha. He is also 1/4 of GothamSmith, a line of 3D printed products. Tweet to him @dastillman


Jason Wisdom

Jason has always had a knack for getting the right people in the room to bring compelling concepts to life.  His career began building a small team to launch a spinoff in the meeting + events space in Philadelphia.  At the same time he was intro’d to the world of using design principles to solve business challenges.  After a move to NYC, Jason began working in strategy for a digital-agency, taking on qualitative research projects and hosting Wok + Wine.  Now he spends his days collaborating with amazing people through The Design Gym.


Jocelyn Ling

Jocelyn comes to the world of design via the business and social enterprise world. She is a connector, investor and strategist, where she thrives on piecing together unexpected findings/moments/people. She is an Investment Consultant with the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), where she is conducting deal sourcing and initial diligence for private health and education companies across sub-Saharan Africa. She was previously with Acumen, is a huge dog lover and tweets @j_ling


Miles Begin

Miles thrives on growing new teams and evangelizing design. He loves to play in the space between industrial and interaction design; bringing the digital world into our physical realm and creating seamless cross-platform user experiences. He is Director of User Experience at American Express, plays a mean guitar and can design anything. He may not tweet, but he does tumble.

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