About The Design Gym

We help organizations bring design thinking in-house.
We empower individuals to lead design thinking projects.

You need to become more innovative. You’re looking for new and creative ways to approach problem solving. And above all else, you want to create a culture of innovation. But you need help making that happen.

That’s where we come in.

Simply put: We help organizations bring design thinking in-house and we empower individuals to lead design thinking projects.

Community Education and Organizational Training

Our business operates in two parts, and those two parts overlap tremendously.

The first is Community Education; this is where we help people learn, practice and adopt the skills of Design Thinking in a safe environment—empowering our community members to go back to their organizations ready to implement what they’ve learned.

Community education is also our space to try new education formats, activities, and content—and always be iterating. We’re continually experimenting, testing and prototyping new offerings within our community.

The second is Organizational Training; working with organizations to unlock the creative energy and realized potential. We equip and enable teams and organizations with a set of tools, mindsets and behaviors that allow for everyday problem solving and collaboration.

Our work with organizations varies, including everything from leading a week of design sprints for an automotive company; to rolling out Design Thinking training + education for nonprofits, social enterprises and Fortune 100 companies; to providing a train the trainer program for a fast-growing start-up that had just begun expanding internationally.

Our History

When we first started our idea was a simple one, democratize Design Thinking so that anyone could have access to learning what our founders had seen to be a tremendously beneficial way of working in their own careers.

Since then we’ve realized education isn’t the problem. There’s an endless amount of books, online classes and toolkits outlining the process of Design Thinking. Our aim has shifted to helping people find ways to take this knowledge and move through the hard process of adopting these tools to something that can become embedded within their organizational culture and help propel their organizations forward.

We hope to inspire a new generation of conscious creators and problem-solvers to drive positive impact at work, in their lives and in the world.

Interested in bringing design thinking into your organization? Let’s talk.

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