Our friend Mike Roller teaches design in Cincinnati and has put together this interesting take on trend reports. If you have to draft one or use one, take some of his thoughts and do it better   Lost and Found in Translation from Michael Roller

What is an experience? And Where does it reside? We know we can’t make someone have an experience….you can lead a horse to water…etc. But we can set the table. That’s why I start with Danny Meyer when I talk about experiences.     A-E-I-O-U Framework This is a great

Margaret Stewart, a former student of Red Burns, who was often referred to as the godmother of Silicon Alley, reflected on Burns' approach to design and technology in a recent Wired article. "She knew that technology was a means to an end — and that the end was people. She

Miles, one of the Design Gym founders and partners, sent this out last week…and I finally took some time to watch the whole thing. It is worth the time. Miles noted three reasons why this is a great talk: Wilson Miner outlines at least three of my

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