The truth of the matter is that the Examine and Understand Phases are going on all the time for creative people…and it starts with Noticing. Noticing a problem that no one has solved, noticing a solution for one type of problem that might be great

In this personal blog post, designer Frank Chimero debriefs a Twitter event hosted by AIGA called One Day For Design. His post revolves around what he calls the ten designer's poisons - "the dispositions and mistakes of the field that I saw both addressed as problems

In this BusinessWeek article Lara Lee, who has spent time with Harley Davidson and Jump Associates, talks about what happens at the intersection of innovation, design thinking, and a down economy. She discusses how design and business practices cannot oppose eachother within corporate environments, and

This FastCompany article from Sam Ford is a response to Bruce Nussbaum's claims around the death of design thinking. This article is particularly good because it links to multiple other reference points and points of view. Ultimately what Sam is saying is that there are