These are two cool programs for anyone to do 3D modeling and design. The first is SketchUp which is a program created by Google that has attracted 30 million activations in the past year alone. The other is called Tinkercad and they offer people with no design experience the

When The Design Gym was getting up on its feet and starting to build a community, it was extremely important for us to get an MVP website (minimum viable product) up and running as quickly as possible. To do that we turned to Unbounce, a

Having come from a business background, it has been a wild journey to learn about design and all that exists around it. There is a whole lot to dip your toes into. It’s been really exciting to discover new brilliant things everyday. Dieter Rams: 10

This is a TEDx Atlanta talk from David Butler, VP Global Design for the Coca-Cola company. Butler talks about what it's like to innovate at one of the biggest brands on Earth with over 500 brands in existence. Beyond the company, he talks about "the

This TED talk from Chimamanda Adichie is called 'The Danger of a Single Story'. Adichie, a Nigerian novelist, talks about the dangers of hearing only a single story. By sharing several personal stories of her own childhood, she stresses that only by accepting the overlap

Storytelling is a main component in the Distill stage, and we particularly love this recent study on the future of storytelling by international research consultancy, Latitude. Their study explored the evolution of audience expectations as their experiences of media constantly changes, new opportunities in best

Last month, one group at our Design Gym Weekend workout came up with a system to help bicyclists and car drivers know when the other is around…so they can be extra careful and avoid accidents. The next week, a friend who had been on hand to

For another perspective on Prototyping and where, when and how to do it, check out this summary post from Engine Service design.   Prototypes provide insight on various service aspects - from desirability and usability, to viability. They can generate deeper understanding than written descriptions or visual

Often, we need to describe a great deal of information in a simple and easy to understand way – the forest and trees, all at once. When designing a service with multiple touchpoints, multiple user types and an expectation that the service may change or grow

Sketching is a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it. And just like any skill, it’s highly personal and individual. Getting good at a few basic shapes and items can go a long way to helping you express your ideas quickly to others…and

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