I just saw this bubble up on twitter! If you want to know more about how to dig into more intangible emotions and human physiological states, take a read through Measuring Well-being. It’s a free PDF download and has some helpful tricks and guideposts. according to

If you hang around me for more than a few hours, you’ll discover that I’m into Steve Portigal. Google him, read lots of his stuff, go to his talks. This article in Core77 is a great snippet of how ideation shouldn’t be hedged in by constraints

Read this article about prototypes. I found that it gave me a great framework to view my own prototyping through. What I love about the concepts laid out in this article is that even sketches, story flows and user journeys become prototypes. When what you’re

That’s pretty good advice in general. But with Personas, BS can really dry up a team's inspiration. Take the time to go through the slides from this great presentation here. And listen to the audio here at the same time. Personas can easily become plastic, pretend

This is a post from Dev Patnaik, founder of Jump Associates, originally from the Product Development Best Practices Report. He introduces the Idea Curve and explains that it’s completely normal to go through bursts of ideas and then slow down significantly during ideation sessions. But

As design thinking exploded in popularity and universities began quickly adopting design programs into their business schools, it was inevitable that some critics and skeptics would evolve. This article, from well-known writer Bruce Nussbaum, is a perfect example. It’s important to take these criticisms into

Kurt Vonnegut is a staple of 20th century American literature, and as such knows a few things about good storytelling. In this humorous video he breaks storytelling down into the absolute basics and visually shows how the arc looks. Keep these principles in mind and

This is a great 28 page deck we found on SlideShare from Gayle Curtisthat summarizes a few other sources and sets up some ideation fundamentals. He sets up some basic rules that are essential to good ideation sessions, such as deferring judgement and going for quantity.

This article from the January 2012 New Yorker magazine created a big splash of both positive and negative reaction when it came out. In it, Jonah Lehrer explains the birth of brainstorming back in 1948 and presents a variety of arguments to support, or mostly

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